Effy's ___

Welcome to my space on the internet. I'm Effy, but if you're not into TCGs, you know me as Jane.

The deets

About the site

It's kind of a long story, but the gist is that I wanted to keep my online trading card game (oTCG) stuff separate from my blog, but also in a way that reflected who I am. Effy's Space isn't a collective, but it is a bit of a sandbox to host my projects.

I have what is called dissociative identity disorder (DID), and Effy is one of my identities. But I am Effy. Effy and Jane are the same. Hollywood gets it wrong, as does most other pop culture. Nothing is "wrong" with me in this respect, nor am I threat to others/myself. The idea of keeping these sandbox projects on the same domain as my blog seemed weird.

Also, I treat my blog like a business, too. That's the end game. So it would have complicated things.


Where you can find me

First and foremost, you can find me at Janepedia, my blog.~

Frequently asked questions

Can I adopt Zest?

Funny story! I adopted Zest out, but nothing ever came to it when I was missing it and ready to run it again, so…I realized adopting it out was pointless and got too many peoples' hopes up, and I'm not gonna drag Zest's amazing players/fans/foodies through the mud of hope again.

P.S. I low-key want to call you guys "Zestites", but that high-key sounds like an STD or type of bug that you randomly find in your bed at night.

What are you currently working on?

This index page. A little bit of this and that. Poke around to learn more, because I don't want to keep up with this part. Otherwise, you'll find out when I'm finished…if I release it to the public. Whenever that is, if that ever is, etc.

When is Zest coming back?!

Information about Zest is on its respective directory.

Why do you always randomly disappear from the TCG community & then return out of nowhere?

  1. I have commitment issues. It's hard for me. I set out to do something, and then suddenly it's three months later. Because I forget. Because DID (see "about").
  2. I do a lot of other things. I'm fascinated by culture and learning.
  3. Burnout sucks.
  4. I don't always feel like I fit in in the community, tbh. And it's not exactly like I'm the easiest to get on with.
  5. I'm in my late 20s and have to adult. :/